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When you partner with Dr. Ludie L Hoffman, you are also supporting Christian Education.  A portion of your financial support will be sown towards Christian Education efforts.  


A partner is one who shares responsibility in some common activity with another individual or group.

Our part is to:

  • Pray on a daily basis that God's blessing be upon you.
  • Provide spiritual and life enrichment resources for you online.
  • Bless you with a free gift from time to time (such as music or message downloads or other gifts)
  • Provide partner conferences, meetings and events online and offline
  • Serve Christ through serving mankind.
  • Provide you with a tuition paid course through Interfaith University Bible Training School (Optional)

Your part is to:

  • Pray for us always.
  • Support our  outreach efforts especiallly in your area
  • Prayerfully sow financially into our  outreach efforts.
  • Always uplift us with the words that you speak.


To become a parnter with Dr. Ludie L Hoffman, simply  send  a prayer request , question or testimony: CLICK HERE!  

You may sow as the Lord leads you: $5, $10, $15, $35, $100, $500, or more.

 Click here to understand biblical giving and caring for ministry...