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 This Article Had 109,398 Viewers in 45 days!         (published May 2010)


Dr Hoffman Celebrates

 the Life of His Father

 and  All American  Veterans


       Memorial Day Tribute

Just beginning to settle from the loss of his father Cpl Ludie Hoffman Jr in last July, Dr Ludie L Hoffman prepares for the release of his new single entitled "With you I'm Strong" a song he dedicates to his father's memory and to all Veteran's everywhere. "The sacrifices are too tremdous and graphic to name," says a somber Hoffman who is still feeling the loss of his dad. "You know even though my dad and I weren't always around each other, we had an open ended dialogue where he could call on me and when I needed  to knew I could call on him", Hoffman smiles. "It was just knowing that I had a dad on this earth that gave me a little pride and joy so to speak."

         "I remember once, some people were talking about me kinda bad, I have always been the private type, and these people were upset because I moved and did not formally alert them. I told dad about it and he said, "Oh they just miss you that's all",  it was not much to say but his ability to remain calm for me, helped me stop whinning and grow up some more", says Dr Hoffman, "it is for those times that  am most grateful."  As he enters into his 20th year of ministry , a very vibrant Dr Ludie L Hoffman also writes  a very beautiful  song to our soldiers, both men and women in uniform, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives.  "You know", says Hoffman,"  statistics show that over the next 10 years approximately 80 million people will seek spiritual guidance by way of modern tecnologies rather than attending a church building,I also know by the grace of God that He desires for me to be a good steward over every gift and ability He has given me, music, like public speaking, is only one.

         Since he was a child Dr Hoffman remembers spinning records and playing music. He wrote poetry prolifically throughout his High School years having some of his works published in a Tuskegee University publication. He was also the winner of the state -wide Coca Cola Share the Dream essay contest, securing a scholarship to Alabama State University. Now he focuses greatly on his multimedia consulting practice as well as writing songs and to the surprise of some on lookers he writes secular and Christian music. "The Word of God says, "Go ye into all the world, teaching whatsoever I have commanded you," and if I can infiltrate the world with a faith principle spoken in a secular language (all language came from God!) I will, and of that I am not ashamed. I know in whom I believe and for whom I dance, sing shout and speak."

          The single which is also to be featured online to the tunning in of over 20,000 fans will be officially released two weeks before Memorial Day.